Supporting the next generation of Indigenous women leaders

Girls Academy and Nestlé work together to develop and empower Indigenous girls

As the leading provider of schools-based programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls in Australia, the Girls Academy prides itself on tackling the barriers preventing education completion.

The Girls Academy Program seeks to support young women by providing mentoring throughout high school. A minimum of two full time mentors assist the girls with school work and the challenges of everyday life, often within a safe space at school. Over the past five years, year-twelve graduation has increased by 76 percent, across over 5,000 program participants.

The program objectives include:

  1. Increase school attendance
  2. Advance academic and personal achievement
  3. Improve year-12 graduation rates
  4. Facilitate post-school transition planning

Nestlé has partnered with the Girls Academy through its Aboriginal Youth and Development Program. In recognition for girls with high school attendance, the Girls Academy created showcase events across Australia to reward participants. Amongst the leadership activities, gatherings and sporting tournaments, Nestlé provided healthy and nutritious snacks. Megara proudly donated ten custom-designed display units, made from Promeg Digital Dueco, to beautifully present and highlight the importance of nutrition in everyday life.