POPAI Award: Sustainably Manufactured Department Store Activation

Myer, Active Display Group and AFI Branding win the 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award

In keeping with the ‘New Myer’ 2020 sustainability vision, Active Display Group and AFI Branding combined to create a seasonal department store dress-up for the 2017 Autumn/Winter range.

The dress-up featured translucent fabrics that were digitally printed in a variety of pastel colours. The fabric was stretched over a locally designed and manufactured aluminium frame to create a functional and versatile branding solution. Lightweight, recyclable and packed into compact rolls, the dress up system offered a sustainable vision for department store activations.

The soft sheer fabric, Voile, manufactured in Australia, was printed digitally so that no water or paper products were required. The process utilises inks which are free from volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The entire dress-up system can be returned to the printer for recycling, as compared to traditional systems which utilise foam-board or acrylic substrates that often cannot be recycled and end up in landfill.

As the sponsor of the POPAI Environmental Stewardship Award, Megara would like to congratulate Myer, Active Display Group and AFI Branding on their win.