POPAI Award: Recognition for Sustainable Logistic Model

Tru Blu Beverages and CHEP win 2016 POPAI Environmental Stewardship Award

The innovative retail display pallet / beverage tray offers a significant sustainability gain as a result of its ‘one-touch’ logistics model. The system allows Tru Blu Beverages to directly pack bottles onto a pallet for its entire journey to retail; from transportation, storage, distribution and instore retail.

The pallet significantly reduces the multiple product handling requirements that are typical of beverage distribution, as well as eliminating over one tonne of cardboard packaging a year.

As the sponsor of the POPAI Environmental Stewardship Award, Megara would like to congratulate Tru Blu Beverages and CHEP on their achievement.

Promeg ‘headdress’ trophy presentation: (from left to right) Bruce Pollard, Mark Weiss, Charlie Deeb, Brett Maltby (Holding POPAI award), Mark Brooks, Dean Parson and Greg Kay.