Architectural screening, by John Wardle Architects for NGV International

Colour, translucency and shape make Promeg an ideal screening substrate for architects.

Inspired by the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, John Wardle Architects developed the inaugural Summer Architecture Commission for NGV International. Bright, playful and curvaceous, the structure created a centrepiece within the Grollo Equiset Garden for shade, workshops and performances.

Derived from 3D modelling and cutting edge engineering and fabrication, the lightweight metal structure is decoratively screened with 1350 folded Promeg polypropylene elements. The specially blended 0.6mm translucent pink and purple Promeg sheet features a UV stabilisation additive that enables the sheet to withstand the harsh outdoor environment.

Do you have a project that requires sculptured, curvaceous and colourful screening? Drop us a line to learn more about the limitless possibilities of Promeg.

Click here to learn how the commission was built.

Photography by John Gollings and Ian Sanderson