Designers are constantly discovering new ways to use Promeg Digital. Not only for signage and POS display, but also for packaging, promotional, marketing, architecture and shop fit-outs. Promeg Digital comes in:

  • White – brilliant opaque white, smooth tactile surface feel, consistency of white from batch to batch
  • Frosted clear – its translucency adds an extra dimension to any printed job, taking advantage of either natural or backlighting + print 2 sides
  • Dueco – 2 sided duplex. Brilliant white A side, greenish recycled marble-like  B side. Dueco is 100% carbon neutral and a 100% sustainable option

Promeg Digital’s superior ink adhesion and lay-flat qualities reduce your printing costs and production time. It can be printed both sides, hinged, folded, creased, die-cut and curved.

With your cutter you can explore endless possibilities for other 3-D promotional and display solutions.

Locally made, 100% recyclable, completely non toxic, small carbon footprint.