Promeg ecorange is the world’s first 100% carbon neutral polypropylene sheet. Its recycled content ranges from 50% for dueco to 100% for Marmo, Transeco and Jeteco.

  • Marmo: off-white / green-ish, marble-like speckle
  • Dueco: 2-sided duplex. Brilliant white A side; Marmo B side
  • Transeco: earthy, speckled, translucent
  • Jeteco: dense black
  • Kerbeco: mostly white with odd recycled fleck

The unique recycled tones of Marmo and Transeco offer creative opportunities when durability and a recycled look is desirable. And with 2 sided Dueco you can create items that are not always possible with a fully recycled sheet. Kerbeco is made from 50% recycled waste that has been collected from kerbside recycling, reducing landfill.

Promeg ecorange provides complete environmental responsibility for your next project.