How is Promeg sustainable?

Promeg polypropylene sheet is made right here in Melbourne. During the manufacturing process there is no waste. Any scrap material that is produced during production is recycled on-site in our bespoke recycling plant. We then use this recycled material to make our Promeg ecorange, which is all 50-100% recycled and 100% carbon neutral. Our Promeg sheet can be recycled many times, and it’s just as good as the new stuff!

How do we make Promeg Carbon Neutral?

We work with The Carbon Reduction Institute ( by purchasing carbon credits to help create a sustainable future. Currently our credits are being use to create wind power to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

How do we involve our customers?

Using Promeg for a product is choosing a more sustainable option. We not only recycle our own offcuts on-site, but we also recycle products from our customers that have reached the end of their useful lives; be it that the promotion has ended, the branding has changed, or the product is just no longer needed. Some of the companies and organisations that have returned their Promeg products to us for recycling include Virgin Australia, Country Road, Kathmandu, Snooze Pet Products and the Victorian Government.

How can you be a part of it?

By choosing to make your next product out of Promeg of course! We have lots of options to up the ante too. Choose something that is 50 or 100% recycled, talk to us about carbon neutral material, print information or logos about your sustainable choice on the product, and make sure that you return any unused or end-of-life Promeg products to us for recycling. Want to know more? Get in touch!

Want to see how we make our Promeg ecorange?

Our Promeg ecorange is all 50-100% recycled and, like all our Promeg sheet, 100% Carbon Neutral. Watch our short video below to see how we manufacture Promeg, recycle it & turn it into Promeg ecorange…

Sustainability at Megara