Egg Bag Station for Mondelez

Versatile display, from any angle

From any angle or height, the Cadbury bunny is the hero. The flagship for the Easter season, the display assembles in less than 10 minutes to hold a variety of bagged products.

  • Vacuum formed 3D egg
  • 360 degree shopping, from pallet or floor
  • Flat packed design, with pop-up dump bins
  • Printed digital CMYK graphic panels
  • Promeg sheet colour matched to Cadbury purple
  • 2 x Gold POPAI Awards, 1 x SHOP! Global Award

A great example of engineering Promeg to achieve a long lasting display unit. Cut and creased into a folding structure, the dump bins assemble in two seconds. The ten individual dump bins combine to retail over 150 kilograms of product in-store for in excess of four months.